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Featured Why Middle School Is Stressful

Why Middle School Is Stressful

As a 12 year-old, almost 13 year-old, girl, it's really hard to keep up with the very simple things these days. Between my school responsibilities, relationships, at home responsibilities, then finding time to myself - it can get very stressful.

My Middle School responsibilities are to do my homework, get my assignment book signed before Wednesday and get my grade sheet signed and brought back to school on Tuesday. On top of that I have to read and take AR tests, then I have to study for Math tests every so often, study for History tests every week, and the most stressful time of year is around the time of my science test. When it’s time for my science test, I normally have a 100% in the class, then I move down to a 90 or so, I don’t usually fail science tests, but I never get 100% or higher either. When you have to keep the expectation of having straight A’s for a whole trimester, it can get complicated. Then with being in seventh grade, you have to keep up with the transformation of school work. Since I’m in advanced ELA, I have a lot more complicated things to keep up with than other seventh graders, and since we have a new assignment every week or so, you kind of have to take as much time as possible because the assignments can take more time than you’re given in class.

Trying to keep up with the relationships around me are one of the hardest things so far. With all my friends changing and with me changing, it’s not exactly a walk in the park. All my friends who are dating are split on how they are - some take it seriously and others treat it like a fifth grade dare. My parents don't want me to date yet because they want to make sure I pick the right person for me. My two friends have been dating since the sixth grade, and they take it seriously. They are nice to each other, loving. Every once in a while they give each other presents or letters. They’re really happy as well. Then there's my other friends who are dating one person one day then dating a different one the next. I don’t want to have a relationship like that because that’s just confusing for me as well as anyone else. I want a relationship that’ll last, that’ll mean something. I don’t just want to date someone because I’m bored.

Besides all of the at school responsibilities as an almost teenager, I have a decent list of at home responsibilities, too. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility because of my age and maturity level, when I’m actually a pretty silly person. But when it comes to responsibility I have to use impulse control to calm down and focus. When I was younger I was diagnosed with ADHD and I had very low impulse control, so low that I had to take medication every morning until impulse control became normal. I remember when I’d gotten off the medication it took a while before I got use to impulse control. After recess, I would pull my best friend by her shirt when she tried to beat me inside. I didn’t get in trouble until like the fifth time I did it because my teacher finally caught me. Luckily my impulse control is almost all the way under control, it’s enough for me to have an IPhone, my own room with a bathroom and be able to stay home alone. However, with the fun responsibilities comes the chores. The chores are the same everyday and they don’t change, they can’t be put off. What my parents don't know is that when I'm stressed, I’m slow or not focused. And I’ve been stressed ever since the beginning of the third trimester. The more I get added to my plate the slower I become the more forgetful and the more confused.

On top of all of those responsibilities my attempt to find time for myself are very limited. I am a big fan of TV, I like to watch a lot of it, and normally that’s what I do when I get a chance. Other times I’m writing, narratives, articles, poems whatever comes to my mind. I also like to read depending on the book. When I was reading "Mockingjay" I didn’t even think about TV. I was too intrigued on what was going to happen with Katniss to even think about watching any sort of television. Some kids say, “Sorry I forgot to do my homework I was watching TV.” my excuse was, “ I was reading.” I know it sounds lame but actually it was a super good book.

Between taking care of my responsibilities and finding time for myself, I always have to remember to calm down and think about what I’m doing before I start to forget what I’m doing or supposed to be doing. To all of the people who are going into Middle School, it’s not that it’s bad, it can just get frustrating. Remember that finding time for yourself is the most important thing to do when you feel stressed. So that when it’s time for you to add in something in your already busy schedule, you don’t do something drastic. Besides all of the drama that secretly floats around you, Middle School is actually pretty cool, at least at my school it is.




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