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Time To Be Teen


In about three months I will be 13 years old. Yes, a teenager. Who is also attending eighth grade this fall. WOW. To be honest earlier in the year I was excited to become a teenager and eighth grader. I thought about how fun it’ll be to be at the maturity age. How fun it will be to be the top dogs at school. But now that the time has come, I’m thinking about all of the responsibilities and expectations. I’m realizing that this whole time I was wrong. About it all. I found a quote that pretty much explains it all, “Maturity is not measured by age. It’s an attitude built by experience.”


For me being a teen was suppose to be hanging out at the mall with just my friends and I. Having a boyfriend and  getting anniversary gifts. Getting paid for babysitting, at home and other places. Trying out new things that made me happy. Getting together with a big group of friends and hanging out in the park. I’ve always dreamt of having a water fight. Walking to the ice cream shop after school with some friends. Going to the movies, going to Skyzone, maybe even just going to the library. I thought that turning thirteen meant that I go to do whatever I want to do because I am at the matured age to do so. I feel the same when it comes to the eighth grade. I get to help other people, I get to show them which place is which. I get to hangout with most of the same teachers. I get to see the same friends. The hard part will be the grades. I have to get deeper into algebra this year. I have more writings to do. I have a harder and more important tests. I also have to keep up with all of my work. I can't just forget about grades. It's another part of maturing.It doesn’t work that way. If it did most peoples lives including mine would be a lot easier. Except for the fact the world doesn't work that way. You can wish for things to happen, but the easiest way for it to come true is if you pursue it. If you work on it. That's something I plan on doing.

Just because I’ll be thirteen and in eighth grade, doesn’t mean I have the freedom to do whatever I want. My parents do a lot to let me show them that I am mature or are maturing. I take advantage of that because I want to know when they’re going to do it so I’ll be ready. Really it’s more of I’ll do this for this but blow it all the other times. That’s not fair.  It’d be like cheating life. You can’t get 100 on a test you know is coming then fail the pop quiz. That’s cheating life. It’s not just cheating life but it’s cheating yourself.  When I become mature enough to handle those things, then I’ll be ready.   I can’t cheat life, nobody should. It’s not showing proper maturity.   Being mature is a way to handle the fun responsibilities. I’d like to try it sometime soon.


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