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Featured To My Mom On Her Birthday

To My Mom On Her Birthday

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You’ve heard the saying about moms not being their kids’ friends, right? Something along the lines of I am your parent, not your friend. It’s funny because there has to be that boundary when they’re children. But as they become adults and have kids of their own, things change. Now, that I'm older the same holds true for me.

My mom is one of my best friends. I don’t know where I’d be without her. She listens to me when I’m angry, sad and even when I just want to gossip. Yes, we gossip. But her gossip is mostly about celebrities. Which I’m still trying to figure out how she knows about the ones she talks about – like the time she told me she doesn’t like Nick Jonas. Why, you ask? Because he thinks he’s better than his brothers. I’m not kidding, she said those exact words.

Some of the things she says are absolutely hilarious. And then there’s the things she says that assure me that I’m doing the right things and making her proud in the process. My mom hasn’t had an easy life by any means. However, today since it’s her birthday, I thought I’d let her know how equally proud and thankful I am to have her as my mother.

It's because of her that I am:

Independent. My mom had been on her own since she was 16 years-old. She worked hard every day to have a home, cars and the lifestyle she wanted without needing the assistance of anyone else. She taught me that if I wanted things I was going to be the one to make that happen. I didn’t always like that lesson, but now I appreciate not having to depend on someone to get where I wanted to be.

Strong. I have been knocked down several times in my almost 39 years. Each time, I picked myself up and kept going. I got that from my mother. She has been knocked down as much as me, probably even more, but she never let me see her suffer. She was and is a fighter to this day. I don’t always see the strength I have, but I know it’s there and it exists from watching her.

Thoughtful. I’m not sure how she does it, but my mom always knows the right gift to buy. It’s a bit eerie sometimes. Kinda like when you’ve been looking things up on the internet and then there it is in your Facebook newsfeed. That. She should be a personal shopper, she's so good. She just knows how to make her loved ones feel special, especially me. So, it’s no wonder I’m always trying to go above and beyond for my own children.

Loving. This woman loves fierce and hard and she is insanely overprotective. I’m serious, she would cut you if you hurt any of her family members. I have friends that have never done anything to me and they’re still afraid of her. She seems rough around the edges, but once you get to know her, you can’t deny that her heart is made of gold. She’s one of the most caring people I know and I can only hope my family feels I love them the way she loves us.

I am so fortunate to have one of the best mothers around. I don’t tell her as often as I should, because I can be a complete brat at times. I’m not proud of it, but I’ll own it. I get in my moods and what can I say? I am my mother’s daughter.

But in all seriousness, no one has had my back like she has. She is my voice of reason, sounding board and biggest cheerleader. She always says, "Thomasina, you're the light of my life." For me, it's the other way around.

Thank you, mom, for giving me all that you have even when it was all you had. I hope this birthday is the best yet and you get all you wish for. And yes, we are giving you cash, no gifts - we know, we know.

I love you, mom.