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My Saturday Self-Session 05.30

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Well, my oldest is officially done with high school. I’ve said it a million times this week, but I really can’t believe she is done with that part of her education and this part of her life. There were times that she thought she wasn’t going to make it and she did it. This chapter is closed.

But her story is far from over. It’s just the beginning.

She has so much ahead of her. Lessons, experiences and memories all just waiting to happen. I’m so excited for her. I’m hoping she discovers that “thing” that she loves sooner rather than later. I want her to be able to find what she loves so she can enjoy life, rather than wasting time on something that she doesn’t.

Thinking about my own journey, it took me several years to figure out what motivates me – blogging. I’ve only been at it for about six months now, but it’s like I’ve been doing it forever. It comes to me so naturally and I’m having fun doing it.

So what does that have to do with what I’ve learned this week? A lot, actually. It's taught me to:

Be obsessed. I can’t stop blogging or doing the things that have to do with it. I’m checking devices just about every moment I get. Did I post this? Did I comment on that? How many reads did I get? Was I featured somewhere? It’s all because I have a passion for it. I’m living and breathing it right now. And that’s a good thing.

Get organized. I had a couple of parent-fail moments occur in the past couple of days. Both situations revolved around the six year-old and events at school. One in particular where she was at the bus stop when I thought she was at school. Yep. Was feeling real good that day (Insert palm to forehead smack here). Anyway, I’ve got to get a hold on my schedule. I have a calendar for a reason. Use it, Thomasina.

Have confidence. I’m not one that likes to brag (too often). But as of late, I don’t mind one bit. I have made some serious accomplishments and they deserved to be shared, announced and whatever else I feel like doing to let the world know I did that and I’m proud of myself. Call me an attention whore all you want, but you better get used to it. It’s good to feel proud and I have no shame in my game.

Pass it on. All this feel good I have going on, I’m wanting to spread the wealth within my family. There’s no reason I should be the only one working towards goals. I’ve been poking at my husband and my kids to figure out their goals, as well. Let’s figure it out together and support one another. They’ve been cheering me on and I want to do the same for them. #squadgoals

Reward yourself. As much as I wish I could say I’m padding my pockets on this new venture – I’m not. However, that does not mean I don’t deserve to celebrate my successes. I work way too hard to not take a moment to recognize my efforts. It may sound selfish, but it’s not. None of us were put on this earth to be worker bees and not reap any benefits. Whether it’s a pedicure or a $1 Coke at McDonald’s, I’m saying “Yay, me!”

Life can be challenging, right? We put so much pressure on ourselves thinking where we are at the moment is the end and that there's nothing else left to do. That's not the case at all. Whether you've just gotten out of high school or are almost 40 you can make a new start doing that thing that brings you joy.

It doesn't have to be a full-time gig or even a paid one - all it has to do is make you happy.

What makes you happy?