Three Lives of Me

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My Saturday Self-Session 07.18

I’m trying to figure out how it’s mid-July already. I had all these plans for the summer, fun and different things to do with the kids. Teaching them some things that they won’t learn from their schools – current events, cultural studies and even their own ancestry.

Summer is half gone and I have done none of these things.

I have let time slip away from me (per usual). Thinking I have tomorrow to do it. Then tomorrow comes and I tell myself I can do it later. The introvert in me has introverted. And I’m not sure how to evict myself from its comforting residence.

That’s not to say my kids aren’t having any fun this summer. They are enjoying the pool and staying up late watching their favorite shows. I just want to be able to do more with them. Special things that they will remember years from now.

I need to put my plans into action STAT.

But before I do that, here’s some things I learned this week:

Be Persistent. Ok, this blogging thing isn’t as easy as it looks. There’s a great deal of behind the scenes going on to make it all nice and pretty. One of those details I could not figure out for the life of me. But, I refused to leave it alone. It took me awhile to figure it out (and by awhile I mean like for over two months) but I kept at it and I did it. All by my lonesome.

Be Understanding. I tend to get…what’s the word I’m looking for here? Demanding. Ssshhh. Don’t tell my husband I just admitted that. He often puts himself last in our family operations and I forget that sometimes. When he needs me to hear him out, I need to do just that. After all he does for us, that’s the least I could do.

Be Different. I’m not sure it’s because I’ve gotten a year older, but I feel comfortable with me now. I’m doing my hair different and trying out different styles and I like it. I’m having fun switching up my look and to be completely honest it’s less maintenance. Which is even more awesome. I’ve even gotten a few compliments. So, I must be doing something right by standing out.

Be Content. There is so much my husband and I would like to accomplish. And like now. We know we’ll get there, but it feels like forever away. What we need to keep in mind is that we have it pretty good. We’re truly blessed with all we have at this moment. There’s nothing in our lives that we’re ungrateful for and if nothing changes in the next year or twenty, that’s ok.

Timing is Everything. Have you ever been searching for something and you couldn’t find it anywhere so you give up looking? Then when it’s out of your mind it pops out of nowhere? It’s happened to me a couple of times recently, and twice today. I’m not sure why I keep forgetting, but I can appreciate the lesson of ‘good things come to those who wait’.

I still have a good month and a couple of weeks left of summer. I have some ideas that I think my kids will enjoy and make a meaningful impact on them. They are always open to doing whatever I suggest which makes things super easy.

It’s high time I get serious about having fun. The kind that of fun that involves other people. And outside of my house.