Three Lives of Me

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Before we went to bed last night, my husband thanked me. He said, “Thank you for helping me today.” There were some things around the house that I knew he wanted to get done. And while he could have accomplished them without me, I offered to assist. We didn’t get everything on the list completed, but we made some good headway.

I wasn’t looking for him to acknowledge the fact that I helped him, because I wanted to. Lately, his plate has been pretty full with home and work tasks. So giving him some extra support wasn’t even a second thought for me.


Making life better for him is important to me. One – because I love him. Two – because he does the same for me and our family. Today being the perfect example.

My husband is going to adopt Baby Girl today. It’s been a scary, nerve wracking and exciting experience, no doubt. We weren’t sure what to expect (And honestly, still not sure of today’s events), but we finally made it to the finish line. It’s an amazing feeling. My children having this wonderful man that would do anything for them.

It’s funny, not funny ha-ha, but funny. See, there was a point when we were dating, that I tried to call things off. I was a single parent to three. So there was that and the extra baggage I was carrying. Like extra extra. And I thought, with him being a single man, I was not the best option for him. He deserved someone a little less messy. After thinking about how to break it to him, I picked up the phone and called to tell him.

I’ll never forget what he said. He said, “No. I’m not going anywhere. And the kids. I’m not walking away from them.”

It was more than these words. It was his actions. Since this man and I have been together, he has been all in. In every single way. From appointments, to soccer games and dance recitals and even brushing hair – he helps with it all. What makes it even more special, is that others see it, too.

My mom called the other day. She asked me to tell her son-in-law how much she loves him. In true mom form she said, “I thought he was crazy wanting to marry you.” (Thanks, mom) “But I’ve never seen a man do so much for his family.” To be honest, neither have I.

My parents divorced when I was five. My step-dad didn’t come into my life until I was not-so-nice teen that did pretty much everything in her power to make his life miserable. (Sorry, papa). Deep down, you know what the roles are, but if you’ve never seen it – how do you really know? I didn’t.

I didn’t know my husband would be equally giving. I didn’t know that he would work as hard as I did to make a home. I didn’t know he would take the stress of raising a family off of me. And I certainly, didn’t know he would love my children like they were his own. And then want to go as far as to legally making it so.


My best friend. My husband. The father to my children. It is I that needs to say, “Thank you.” Thank you for loving us. Thank you for working so hard for us. And as the kids would sing, (Thanks, Daniel Tiger) thank you for everything you do.

Thank you for showing us what it means to be selfless.